It's time to understand your Web3 audience

Meerqat leverages both on-chain and off-chain intelligence to provide actionable wallet insights.
From 0x...efd2 to socio-demo indicators and interests, Meerqat unlocks Web3 targeting possibilities!

Meerqat Web3 Marketing stack

All the tools you need to understand, grow and engage with your Web3 communities!

Identify audiences that matter

Demography, interests, Web3 behaviours…
Endless possibilities with Meerqat proprietary data!

Visualize & monitor Web3 audiences

Who are the wallet holders?
Deep knowledge to help fine-tune web3 strategies

Reach & engage target audiences

Activate multiple web3 touchpoints all at once in seconds!

Explore Web3 Audiences like never before

IAB standard labelling defined by wallets digital footprint and ownership

The team

Pierre-Alexis Voisin

Adrien Pointillart

Samuel Hugueny

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